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Default Re: Emulators and Roms?

I use to mess around with roms on ocassion. My favorite was Magic Engine
Thats how I was able to experience many great and unknown Japanese Hucards!

I use emulators/roms usually to try or sample something. I just can't get serious playing a game on my 15" moniter and generic controller…

I got nothing against roms and emulators but I personally prefer the real thing. I like sitting in my comfortable chair with the proper controller and playing on a proper television. I'm that wierd dude with 16 consoles hooked up to my tv… but thats my passion and I have fun doing it :)

One good thing about roms is that many cool Japanese RPGs have been language patched. Thats how I was able to play stuff like Suiken Densetsu III, Dragon Quest VI, Final Fantasy II & III Famicom, and many others!

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