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Default Re: Senerios for Beasley, and Rose.

lets say pax drafts beasley which is not goin to happen, but lets say he does, its still a excellent pick, and he gives you 20-10... but those are just stat #'s, so the question is... is beasley gonna give you a chance to win a close game vs the likes of boston, detroit, orlando etc.??? beasleys not that great of a passer becuz he never really had to be... he often scored while double teamed... which he won't do in the nba, also i've been a huge fan of beasley and big 12 bball and it has been my favorite conference the last 2 years... sorry big 10! so i've watched him play about 10 times and i also found out that beasleys been kicked out of 3 different schools and has attended 7 different schools since the 7th grade! he isn't considered arrogant but people will say he's a little to confident which can turn into arrogence with a couple of million dollars

while rose is a gym rat/film guy, and studies the game and i wasn't high on rose during the regular season, but what he did in the tourney was ridiculous and catapulted him as a elite pg, he has great footwork at 19, i've heard people compare him to jason kidd with a jumpshot, or a explosive deron williams, i think he's more of a dwayne wade thats 2 inches shorter, you simply cannot pass on a talent like this, if pax does draft beasley... three years are gonna fly by and miami will prolly be on top of the east while stuart scott starts screaming PAX WHAT WAS YOU THINKEN 3 YEARS AGO, while beasleys opting out of his contract to play for NY

PAX IS DRAFTING ROSE whether you like it or not
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