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Default Re: Senerios for Beasley, and Rose.

Originally Posted by KaptnKirk12
I like it. Seems we have similar mind sets, it'd be easier to build off a Beasley pick than a Rose. And if you look at the incomming classes, they are filled with great guards - not so many Michael Beasley's in those classes.

I like how the back up point guard spot filled by Bell, he is a solid player, but instead of filling the 3 spot with a free agent like the HATED James Posey, why not try to swap 2nd round picks. Give them our next years pick for their 2nd rounder this year, since I don't think we have a 2nd rounder this year.

Maybe Bill Walker could fall into our lap? Beasley and Walker...
JR Giddens comes to mind who is a freak in the open floor and would provide solid offense off the bench. Or a guy like Richard Roby who could of been a late first rounder if he would of came out after his freshmen or sophmore season - but chose to stay, he has solid expierence. Even though those 3 guys are more of just really tall and athletic 2 guards, they could easily fill in at the 3 due to their speed and quickness - it'd be a nice change up from Deng who is more of the spot up shooter - you'd have a slasher who wouldn't just settle for jumpers.

And as you said, either way it's a win-win, but Pax is still going to have to do some work after the pick, if that be get a low post guy if you draft Rose, or get a taller shooting guard if you draft Beasley.

Solid ideas- From the reports I've been reading, Bill Walker has lost about 15 lbs and is in the best shape of his life- he's skipping the Orlando camp and trying to line himself up against the other top 3's in the draft (Alexnader, Roberts-Douglas)- I wouldn't be the least bt surprized if he has able to climb upto a mid-late 1st rounder- although Roby would be a solid pick as well...

Another idea- we could always trade a conditional 1st rounder to Utah for Kyle Korver- with Harpering coming back and Kirilenko and his contract arn't going anywhere anytime soon. Deng/Korver would be amazing, however unlikely it may be...
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