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bringing in calderon, andre miller, artest or any other big name player would seem nearly impossible without giving too much up- maybe im wrong, just my opinion
-if this team had to be broken up.. this is what i believe would be best & finanially correct- i wont waste your time with the trades just to tell you that it would be complicated( and maybe or not realistic)- but every other team (IMO) would be happier than the nugs- & the numbers are perfect
*= could be replaced by 3 others- watson, ridnour, mo williams
#= sign&trade
camby d lee
iverson j james
kmart j jeffries
najera# hinrich *
diawara# gadzurich
b jones simmons
chucky nachbar
hunter KVH
3 fut 1's #6,8 or 10
#22,24or 32

would that group be enough in exchnge(keeping in mind that to make a trade you usually have to take peices other teams dont want- like simmons& his 9 mill)

i have the perfect 3 draft picks still *westbrook, ajinca(7-1 pf/c france), joey dorsey- & the 1 fa i bring in is gerald green& we cut j james and the kvh contract

imo building around a core of 4 players should be tried- melo, nene, jr, & klieza- the players i got im my dream trade give the roster perfect balance and a chance to become a real team

hinrich-westbrook- the best chance to convince karl to try to coach this team is to get him the 2 perfect gaurds to coach-he would love everything about how westbrook acts and plays- hinrich could serve as an extension of karl-im not saying why, but you know karl would at least talk to hinrich-

2-4 gives the nuggets by far the most unmatchupable lineup possible- jr, melo, klieza with david lee, j jeffries, nachbar, simmons& gerald green- this is a perfect group of players, imo lee would start and play between melo & nene, but jeffries could be a defensive stopper at the 2, 3, & 4 spot, and nachbar brings a great 3 point shot at over 6-10- green fills jr's gunner off the bench role& could be perfect to add to the running game

5- and 4/5- NENE- the future is in your hands- gadzurich could easily fill in and play capably if needed- i love the french prospect ajinca and think he would be a perfect longterm complement to nene- i also think joey dorsey is perfect to bring in as your pf/c d-head- this guy will be ready on day 1 to make whatever impact he does on this league- it may be huge

the defensive problem imo is lo longer an issue if you bring in all or nearly all defensive players- hinrich, lee,simmons & gadzurich- i think jeffries is hugely underrated after getting buried in ny, the guy would be a defensive star in fast moving system(me may start at pf if he didnt also cover the 2 -westbrook and dorsey are the 2 best defensive players in the draft-

the reason im nearly sure that this deal could be made is that it fixes 4 teams even better than us, & i would be willing to accept plan b,c, or d also- instead of a- hinrich i would accept b- ridnour c-earl watson or d-mo williams

so this still may not win it all, but i would be willing to bet the future on nene & westbrook, because i believe that melo the perfect piece to build around and i think jr will be an all-star multiple times

this roster has no holes and allows us to compete immidiatly and egitimatly for the next 8-10 years

jr/j jeffries/green
d lee/nachbar/dorsey

defense/shooting/depth& likely teamwork- all improved dramatically- imo there is no way you can put a better roster together without melo

the future of this roster is finding a third pg and another big sometime- the futre of a roster that could be put together with other players could be ugly-

if this was a waste of your time to read, who cares-you should have stopped earlier- i hope somebody will give some feedback on if they would take that roster IF there had to be a shakeup or if lawson, iverson, jefferson team is a better option
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