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Default Derrick Rose NCAA TOURNEY STATS

Everyone talks about how amazing Beasley stats were. They were amazing. But the lack of respect that Derrick Rose is getting from Bulls fans in this forum are crazy. Does no one remember him and his team dominate the NCAA tourney before choking it away to Kansas? Rose was the only reason Memphis had a chance at winning the game against Kansas. Let's look at his stats from 6 March Madness games.

20.8 ppg
6.5 rpg
6.0 apg
1.2 spg

Now if anyone had better individual stats in the tourney besides Curry's scoring average I'd like to see it. Beasley and K State lost 2nd round, Rose and Memphis basically cruised to the championship and came extremely close to winning it all and should have.

Rose dominated the tournament and I would rather take his stat stuffing play across the board than Curry's 25 to 30 ppg average he had in the tourney.

Beasley might be a tad better from the get go, but understand Rose is the player with the most potential. He can become Chris Paul but taller and stronger with ability to play well above the rim.
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