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Default Re: Realistic Expectations

Originally Posted by KaptnKirk12
45-52 wins.
Chicago could very well be contenders IF we resign Deng and draft Beasley this next season.
If they draft Rose, it will take a lot longer. New point guard is the same as a new quarterback, it will take time to get use to it. 3-5 years. More than likely pushing the 5.

Pushing 5 years to contend if we draft ROSE????!!!!!! WTF is wrong with you seriously. I am getting tired of making you look stupid. Rose stepped right in at Memphis and they almost go all the way. Give Rose a year on the Bulls and see what happens.

KaptainKirk = Biggest Derrick Rose hater ever.

Did you ever wonder why Miami wants Rose more than Beasley too??? Marion will be gone either this year or next and then all they have is Haslem. They also have no PG so they are in a similar spot the Bulls are in. OH YEA ITS CUZ RILEY REALIZES HOW GOOD ROSE IS UNLIKE YOU.
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