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Vujacic can be that Steve Kerr or John Paxson of the bulls. Only he can actually dribble, pass, and shoot and defend as well.

Call me crazy but maybe if Sasha does well enough shooting over 40% then maybe he can be our starting PG...i dont see why not.

Once again though Mitch Kupchak I am speaking to you and i am telling you if you want to do smething right this time...DRAFT SHELDEN WILLIAMS GODDAMNIT.

keep Turiaf, draft shelden, and trade Brian Cook. We all Know that Cook is very good to throw in a trade. Lots of teams called at the deadline to get cook But lakers declined.

To ge a Good PF like Boozer we can throw in Mihm and Cook as the main Parts along with Aaron Mckie's Expiring Contract.

I think we should keep Our Main 7 Guys.

Kwame, Lamar, Kobe, Smush, Walton, Turiaf, and Sasha.

Everyone else needs to fine ways to contribute.

Lakers did bad drafting Wafer (reminds me of waffles). so they should let him go along with Green so we can Make room for Kareem Rush and Laron Profit.

And through the Midlevel add Marcus Banks.
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