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Default OT: If Black People Weren't in America Today, How Would Sports Be Different?

Say if the whole slave trade never took place, and let's assume their is only a small immigration of Africans to America and they make up about 2-3% of the population. Well, how would sports be different?

-Would Mike Alstott be the best RB from the past 10 years?
-Would the NBA be dominated by Euro's?
-Would Brian Urlacher be seen as the best defensive player to play the game?
-Would there be a slam dunk competition?
-Would there even be Hockey?
-Would Larry Bird be the most famous sports player ever?
-Would Jason Seahorn still be in the NFL?

This is not meant to serve as a racist thread, but I was wondering how the Sports in America would be different without blacks. Would the popularity of one sport be different? Dunno, I just think it's an interesting topic and just wanted your views.
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