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Originally Posted by ALBballer
Say if the whole slave trade never took place, and let's assume their is only a small immigration of Africans to America and they make up about 2-3% of the population. Well, how would sports be different?

-Would Mike Alstott be the best RB from the past 10 years?
-Would the NBA be dominated by Euro's?
-Would Brian Urlacher be seen as the best defensive player to play the game?
-Would there be a slam dunk competition?
-Would there even be Hockey?
-Would Larry Bird be the most famous sports player ever?
-Would Jason Seahorn still be in the NFL?

This is not meant to serve as a racist thread, but I was wondering how the Sports in America would be different without blacks. Would the popularity of one sport be different? Dunno, I just think it's an interesting topic and just wanted your views.

-Don't know enough about NFL history to answer.
-No, because white kids would have better fundamentals than they do now cause they wouldn't be trying to be like Mike, except without the athleticism.
-See response #1.
-No... first of all, there have been more famous white Americans than Bird. Babe Ruth, for example. Second of all... Americans don't have the most famous sports players ever... cause believe it or not there's this little thing called soccer that we're not big on.
-See response #1.
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