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Default Re: Realistic Expectations

Originally Posted by KaptnKirk12
Yes pushing 5 years to contend. Put Rose on this team, he is in the same situation Kirk is inside help to win games. Rose stepped right in at Memphis, who was already a great team with or without Rose.

CDR, Anderson, Dozier, Dorsey. Now no way is that a Championship calibar team - but Sweet 16 easy, possibly Elite 8.

Give Rose one year on Chicago and we will be in the same place we are now, we need an inside man to throw the ball into during the games the shots are not falling.

Also I am not really a Rose hater, just more of a I want the best talent for my favorite team, who also fills the biggest need. Which is Beasley. Now if Paxson makes a move to bring in a big man, then yes Chicago should fill the spot with Rose.

Yeah Riley realizes that a point guard is their need. Sorry Kirk is a lot better than J Will. Rose, Wade, and Marrion would run teams out of the gym so in their case they wouldn't really need a big man - because they don't have a major need for scoring like Chicago does. Wade is going to give you 20-30 every night, Matrix is going to give you 20 and 10 - throw that to Rose and he doesn't have any pressure at all. Put Rose on Chicago and he has a ton of pressure.

Miami won't have Marion for more than this year or not even. They could use Beasley downlow to help Wade with the scoring load just as much as they could use a player directing the offense. The real truth is Riley understands Rose's ability to increase a teams potential talent as a collective unit. He wants Rose based on who will be the better player when it's all said and done... Rose.
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