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Default Re: The Legendary Tips4 NBA 2008 Lottery Mock Draft

Originally Posted by marny_navis
I like the mock, it's similar to mine except a few tweaks and Love was at #5 on mine. I'll post mine on here, I know monthh enjoys picking mine apart and feeling better about himself . It'll be up in a while, I'm doing it on my Freewebs thing it's long as **** a big paragraph description for each pick (obviously I expect no one to read all the way through, it's there for reference and I also pulled some stuff from DraftExpress with the measurements, comparisons and ****, it should look good but the mock itself might suck. Also, I have Mayo at 4 and Lopez at 3 as well, that might change in my next mock but I just love the idea of Minny getting a center to pair with Jefferson, but Mayo's talent is amazing and he could soon become a lock at #3 and would form a good backcourt with Foye.

Exactly ! Minnesota needs to take a safe pick and Brook is that. How good is that frontcourt going to be with those 2. Mayo's talent is very attractive but Brook will help this team more than Mayo can. Brook at worst is an avarage player that will contribute with rebounds,blocked shots and low post points. Personally i see him a 16-18 PPG 10 RPG 1.5BPG player after his rookie season. He just knows the game and you dont depend on potential when you pick him.
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