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Default Re: NBA 2k8 Off-Season Question

Originally Posted by Mathius
I dunno, probably the same reason in 2k7 the CPU could always get high priced free agents to sign for the MLE (ps2).

Check it out. Pop in 2k7 and run a sim. I guarantee you that someone like Gilbert Arenas or someone will be available, and won't sign by the end of the free agency period, and then when you start the season, he'll be on another team at 1 year for 5 mil.

But if you try to offer them that at the end of the period? forget it.

It's just some more computer bs. The people at 2k were obviously too lazy to make it realistic. Particularly with the ps2 version, because they figure ps2 is old technology so f*ck those of us who still play it.


Cause they make it tough for you which is good.
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