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Default Re: Breaking down the Cavaliers player-by-player (Plain dealer article

Here's some stuff I find irritating:

Ben Wallace:
Ideal 2008 role: A defensive presence off the bench. If the Cavs can somehow land Elton Brand, Wallace won't start. But if the bigs are still status quo, Wallace is your starting four.

Where in the blue hells are we supposed to get money to sign Elton Brand? The author loses all credibility right there. He sounds like a fanboy.

Devin Brown:
The bad: Shouldn't start nor play big minutes. Sometimes tries to make plays he shouldn't try to make.

First off, that doesn't even make sense. "Shouldn't start or play big minutes." doesn't sound like criticism to me, it sounds like a projection. And Devin Brown would have done a hell of a lot better job than Wally, or Sasha.

Anderson Varejo:
The bad: Tried to do too much offensively and lost sight of his role. He's an energy player. It's his job to bother opponents and get them out of their game. If the Cavs had the Andy of 2007 they'd have beaten the Celtics because he would have bothered Kevin Garnett to no end.

Highlight: Certainly not the playoffs. How about signing his contract?

Off-season homework: Focus on getting back to what works. You're not a star. You don't have much offensively. Develop a midrange jumper and remember who you are.

Ideal 2008 role: The role we've seen him in for the last three years. Energy bench player.

Where do I start? Anderson Varejo has never been good enough to guard Kevin Garnett consistently, EVER. Second? Varejo developing a mid range jumper? I don't know about the rest of you, but I scream at my t.v. when he gets to touch the basketball. Lastly? Energy bench player? Is this idiot failing to see that Andy has been exposed by the league, and isn't going to be back? His peak was last year, pre playoffs when he was leading the league in charges taken. Then the playoffs hit and the refs got wise to his flopping. Now he's a joke. In fact, he's stupid. His attitude is stupid, his hair is stupid, his flopping is stupid, and his persistence in trying to do things on offense is stupid.

Damon Jones:
The good: He hits threes, which is what he gets paid to do.


Damon Jones was brought in as Danny Ferry's "answer" to our needs at point guard with Eric Snow at the position. Damon Jones has failed in every aspect of that opportunity. He was not brought in and paid all that money to stand behind the arc and shoot threes. To commend him for it is absurd.

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