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Default Re: My overrated and underrated players thread

I agree with your picks for the most part, and you speak a lot of truth, but like most people I can't agree on Rose.

Anthony Randolph-I understand that he is not a Tyrus Thomas or Stro Swift clone, but I just have a hard time falling in love with his game. Every year we see these atheltic freaks that are 6-10 "combo"-forwards. To me these guys are tweeners, but no one likes that term anymore. This guy is 200lbs wet, but can't hit an open outside shot. And for a 6-10 guy that can't shoot from the outside, you would expect more than 46% shooting. He is super athletic which allowed him to get a lot of rebounds and blocks, but he is going to get pushed around defensively in the NBA. He will make plays on defense, but I don't think that makes someone a good defender.

Chris Douglas-Roberts-I understand he is skinny and might have trouble against stronger defenders, but this guys does everything on the court. He is 6-7 which gives him perfect size for an NBA SG, a solid defender, and is good with the ball despite his numbers at first glance. What I love about this guy is that he can get the ball in the basket in any situation. That is why I think he would be perfect next to LeBron. LeBron is a great player, obviously, but sometimes he gives up the ball late in the shot clock and a guy has to take a quick shot and sometimes he finds you when you have defenders around you and you are forced to take a tough shot. CDR can hit any of these shots and just finds a way to get the ball to go in. I don't think he will be able to take over games, which hurts his potential, but I think he is a starting SG in the NBA.
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