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Default Re: Breaking down the Cavaliers player-by-player (Plain dealer article

Originally Posted by Mathius
Not weird enough. There is no way for the Cavs to clear that much money off the books before free agency, unless they start giving players away to teams with available cap money.

Hello Gasol to the Lakers for Brown of 2008. Something for nothing.

Originally Posted by Mathius
Yeah, I do. For one simple reason. Wally was pretty much non existent except for one game.

In round 1 and 2 he had a bunch of decent games where he wasn't what you quote "non existent." Grant it, he only scored over 20 points 1 time which was the Wizards, but even then he's never even averaged more than 19PPG in any season of his NBA career. So it's not like you should expect or even hope for him to get over 20 a game ever consistently. You should expect 13-15PPG from this guy this late in his career. And over half of his games he had around that much in the playoffs.

Originally Posted by Mathius
Show me this post you're babbling about. I would have never used the words, "if we keep him" for one, because he is still under contract. The only way we get rid of him is if we trade him.

The key to next season is Wally? Definitely didn't come out of my mouth. I've said that I felt he would be the steal out of the trades we made, and I've been wrong so far. He clearly has lost whatever shooting touch he used to have, and that stat about him being a career .280 something three point shooter in the playoffs is something I wish I'd known before.

If Wally could be the second scorer we need, then yeah, he might put us over the top next year, but that's a big if.

And I happen to have a hell of a lot of respect for Devin Brown's game. The guy is like a poor man's version of Lebron James. He puts up 10/5/5 minimum every time he plays 25 minutes or more.

I never said you said if we keep him. That's just me saying if we keep him because we don't know what trades are going to happen to predict Wally will stay or not. You basically said he could be a key to next season right here in so many words without ever saying it, in-my-opinion "maybe" being a second scorer is being a key to the team, I don't know I guess:

Originally Posted by Mathius
But the guy that I really think could help us out is Wally.

If he can start hitting shots like he did with Minnesota, and when he first came over to Boston, he and Lebron are just going to feed off of each other.

So, you want to play Brown in the playoffs over Wally and Sasha for some reason, but for some reason or another you think Wally can help next season. Does Brown have some playoff experience, or some tangible skill I don't know about that makes him that much better of a player to play in the playoffs over those 2 guys. You call him a 10/5/5 player at MINIMUM when he averages 25 mins. He hasn't even been close to averaging that ever in his career, his best season was with the Hornets where was was 11/4/2 in 28.7 minutes. 10/5/5? Yea sure...whatever.

Originally Posted by Mathius
Blah blah blah blah. Don't waste my f*ing time again defending Varejo. He's a worthless, gutless, retard and I can't f*cking stand him.

And don't tell me I have no good reason. The idiot flops way too much, and almost cost us the series against Detroit last year. He hasn't learned from any of his mistakes, still making stupid moves offensively, and still flopping, even though the refs don't give him the calls anymore. And he had the balls to hold out for more money like the idiot deserved it.

And that's good enough for you, huh? Fantastic. Another quality Cleveland fan. Just show up to watch Lebron throw down some jams, kiddie?

We're paying this idiot a pretty good chunk of change to sit on the end of the pine and grin at the camera and make stupid jokes. It's almost like having Danny Ferry on the payroll again. If I had no frig'n life, I'd go look up all the players who make less money than him and are doing better, and I'd list them here to show you just why you should be as pissed as I am.


Grant it, Anderson's contract is bloated, but it's part of the business. I'm more upset with Ferry than I ever will be with Anderson. A lot of players go where the money is.

So, keep throwing the words like idiot and kiddie around and being pissed off all the time over nothing if you want. No stopping you there sir. Keep strong, be strong, be Mathius strong.
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