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Default Re: Senerios for Beasley, and Rose.

Originally Posted by ABTY7
6'7" 3/4 in socks; 6'9" even in shoes.

Height is not the problem- my growing concern with Beasley is his mindset- he continues to talk about how he's a 3. Now if we draft him it doesn't really matter what his preference is, Collins will play him where he needs to be played- however you have to question weither Beasley will play more like a three than a four- he continues to say that he trys ti copy/his game compares best to Carmelo, which is great I'll take a 'Melo- however 'Melo isn't a low post scorer, he's just a scorer- nothing wrong with that either really just that we may not be getting exactly what everyone seems to think we'll be getting in Beasley...

Beasley has post moves, but to use Beasley the most effective way you would start him at the top of the key or around the elbow. That way, he can use the dribble to get by bigger guys, post up smaller guys, or use his speed to create. Also using pick and roll or pick and pop sets with him is going to kill a lot of teams because of his range. Think of an athletic Dirk type of player. Dirk would be great on any team, but you don't see him catching the ball on the low block and going to work like Tim Duncan. He gets it around the free throw line and does his little fade away.
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