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Default Re: Breaking down the Cavaliers player-by-player (Plain dealer article

Originally Posted by Meticode
Hello Gasol to the Lakers for Brown of 2008. Something for nothing.

That's great, except you do realize that Brand has the option to be a free agent this season right? Which means the only way he ends up on the Cavs is a desperate sign and trade by LA, which would pretty much guarantee they're rebuilding (AGAIN).

There's never been any indication that they intend to trade Brand, Maggette is the one who's constantly on the trade block. There's also no indication that LA wants to rebuild. They believe if everyone stays healthy they have a pretty good team, and that's probably not far off. Contender? Doubtful, but a good, playoff team. Possibly.

In round 1 and 2 he had a bunch of decent games where he wasn't what you quote "non existent." Grant it, he only scored over 20 points 1 time which was the Wizards, but even then he's never even averaged more than 19PPG in any season of his NBA career. So it's not like you should expect or even hope for him to get over 20 a game ever consistently. You should expect 13-15PPG from this guy this late in his career. And over half of his games he had around that much in the playoffs.

That's great, it also ignores the fact that Brown was the starter coming into the playoffs, and the only reason Wally was out there was because of Mike Brown and his f*cked up rotations.

It also ignores the fact that we won in round 1. We didn't win in round 2 and Wally didn't show up. Coincidence? Yeah, right. And I don't give a crap how old he is, either. We're not talking end of his career here. He's only 31 years old. He should pretty much be in his prime right now. The fact of the matter is, he's just playing disappointing basketball and for some god damn reason, you feel the need to defend him anyways.

So, you want to play Brown in the playoffs over Wally and Sasha for some reason, but for some reason or another you think Wally can help next season.

See, let me explain to you something about an intelligent person. Words are very important to an intelligent person, because they tell a lot about what the person is communicating. Since this is an online forum, text only, with no tone, no body language, that should make it even more important that you pay attention and focus on what is actually written. there.

In other words, did you not see the sentence started with "IF" ? moron.

And it makes perfect sense to want to not play Wally in the playoffs and play him next season. The guy was in the biggest shooting slump of his career, and Mike Brown inserts him into the lineup? With an off season of working out on his own, and getting more integrated with the team, he should be much better off.

Does Brown have some playoff experience, or some tangible skill I don't know about that makes him that much better of a player to play in the playoffs over those 2 guys. You call him a 10/5/5 player at MINIMUM when he averages 25 mins. He hasn't even been close to averaging that ever in his career, his best season was with the Hornets where was was 11/4/2 in 28.7 minutes. 10/5/5? Yea sure...whatever.

Here's another fine example of what an intelligent person would have seen. Stats are just numbers. The numbers you're quoting are what we call an average. That means that if he plays 35 minutes one game, and 14 minutes the next game, he isn't necessarily going to keep his average up. He might average 28 minutes per game, but that doesn't mean his other numbers won't suffer. And he only played 58 games for NOK.

If you'd f*cking paid attention to the Cavs all season and looked at a damn box score now and then, you'd know that Devin Brown has been shooting a pitiful 30% from the floor, but contributing in other ways.

Grant it, Anderson's contract is bloated, but it's part of the business. I'm more upset with Ferry than I ever will be with Anderson. A lot of players go where the money is.

That's cute. Be upset with Ferry. D-Bag Anderson holds out. Wants an outrageous sum of money, and Ferry lets him sit and stew. He can't trade him, he isn't under contract, and nobody wants him after the most pitiful playoff performance of his young career and an outrageous demand for money, so he waits him out, and makes him settle on a low ball number that's pretty much what the Cavs want.

Ferry did everything right. He can't move Varejo until Varejo starts playing well enough to earn some interest. That's the way the $hit works. Instead, he did the next best thing, allowing Varejo and out in year 3 of his new contract, so the Cavs only have to deal with him for 2, if he doesn't want to settle down and "play ball". He quite clearly has no interest, because his game hasn't improved, and he still flops like an idiot. Next year, he will be fined for it.

So, keep throwing the words like idiot and kiddie around and being pissed off all the time over nothing if you want. No stopping you there sir. Keep strong, be strong, be Mathius strong.

Stop acting like an immature idiot, and say something intelligent, and maybe I'll stop. I'm so f*cking tired of dealing with stupidity from this board, it's sad. Don't expect me to be merciful.

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