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Default Re: Breaking down the Cavaliers player-by-player (Plain dealer article

Originally Posted by Mathius
That's great, except you do realize that Brand has the option to be a free agent this season right? Which means the only way he ends up on the Cavs is a desperate sign and trade by LA, which would pretty much guarantee they're rebuilding (AGAIN).

There's never been any indication that they intend to trade Brand, Maggette is the one who's constantly on the trade block. There's also no indication that LA wants to rebuild. They believe if everyone stays healthy they have a pretty good team, and that's probably not far off. Contender? Doubtful, but a good, playoff team. Possibly.

Waste of time if you're just a "good playoff time." Okay guys, this year let's set our goal on round 1, then next year round 2, then next year round 3, then the finals. Just get it over with and rebuild, or go for the Finals and make some logical moves. Obviously with their current roster (including Brand) and any addition they're not going to make a run for it. Their's teams and players you don't think will make any move in the off-season all the time and it still happens.

Originally Posted by Mathius
That's great, it also ignores the fact that Brown was the starter coming into the playoffs, and the only reason Wally was out there was because of Mike Brown and his f*cked up rotations.

Congratulations to Devin Brown on achieving starter status when Sasha was injured at the time and Wally just got traded to the Cavs and didn't know anything of the Cavs offense. Of course Devin was a stater sir, it was either start someone who knew the offense or didn't know the offense. DUR!

Originally Posted by Mathius
It also ignores the fact that we won in round 1. We didn't win in round 2 and Wally didn't show up. Coincidence? Yeah, right. And I don't give a crap how old he is, either. We're not talking end of his career here. He's only 31 years old. He should pretty much be in his prime right now. The fact of the matter is, he's just playing disappointing basketball and for some god damn reason, you feel the need to defend him anyways.

Your numbers are skewed on the games between rounds 1 and 2. In round 1 Wally had 1 good game, and 1 decent game. The 4 other games games he shot under 40% every single game in round 1 except game 2 and 6.

In round 2 he faced a much better defensive team...yet he shot from the field more consistently and even played MORE minutes against Boston total while giving up less turnovers. So it seems like you're saying we won round 1 because he played good (when he only had 1 good game), but we lost round 2 becuase he didn't show up (when he played more consistently getting 14-15PPGish). Your logical is flawed.

Round 1
-Game 1: 2-10/8 points
-Game 2: 6-9/15 points
-Game 3: 3-9/6 points
-Game 4: 2-5/6 points
-Game 5: 1-6/4 points
-Game 6: 9-19/26 points

Total Minutes Played: 153 minutes = 6 turnovers

Round 2
-Game 1: 5-14/13 points
-Game 2: 4-11/13 points
-Game 3: 4-10/16 points
-Game 4: 6-11/14 points
-Game 5: 3-8/10 points
-Game 6: 2-11/9 points
-Game 7: 0-3/0 points

Total Minutes Played: 222 minutes = 4 turnovers

Also he's shouldn't be in his prime. I had the privilege of watching Wally play in 2-3 basketball games in person since his college, Miami (Ohio) is right near my hometown of Cincy, and the kid always had ankle problems then and now still does. Then after he got in the NBA he's had injures to his legs since then. That really shortens a player's career. But you don't know this, you just see "Oh he's 31 year's old, he's still good or should be in his prime." He's lost so much mobility he had coming out of college after his leg/ankle injures.

Originally Posted by Mathius
If you'd f*cking paid attention to the Cavs all season and looked at a damn box score now and then, you'd know that Devin Brown has been shooting a pitiful 30% from the floor, but contributing in other ways.

Other ways? We don't need his other ways, we need people who can score. Devin Brown isn't that person at all. We we're already a good defensive team minus him, we don't need even more defense we need something called offense from other players beside LeBron...maybe Brown thought putting Wally in the lineup would help his jump-shooting. One thing is obvious, if Brown was out there getting Wally's minutes I doubt we would've even finished the Wizards out in 6 games.

We finished the season worse with him in the damn lineup. We were losing against teams we should've certainly beat like the Bucks and Bulls.

Originally Posted by Mathius
That's cute. Be upset with Ferry. D-Bag Anderson holds out. Wants an outrageous sum of money, and Ferry lets him sit and stew. He can't trade him, he isn't under contract, and nobody wants him after the most pitiful playoff performance of his young career and an outrageous demand for money, so he waits him out, and makes him settle on a low ball number that's pretty much what the Cavs want.

Ferry did everything right. He can't move Varejo until Varejo starts playing well enough to earn some interest. That's the way the $hit works. Instead, he did the next best thing, allowing Varejo and out in year 3 of his new contract, so the Cavs only have to deal with him for 2, if he doesn't want to settle down and "play ball". He quite clearly has no interest, because his game hasn't improved, and he still flops like an idiot. Next year, he will be fined for it.

While I agree with some parts, mostly just no to all of that.

Originally Posted by Mathius
Stop acting like an immature idiot, and say something intelligent, and maybe I'll stop. I'm so f*cking tired of dealing with stupidity from this board, it's sad. Don't expect me to be merciful.

Perhaps take you own advice. I'm not the one spewing idiot and kiddie and all this other crap you talk. You have seriously no clue what you're talking about and all you care about is what you think and not what actually is going on. Good job on a job not-so-well done sir. Ask for the other stuff I didn't reply to, I didn't feel like replying to crap that just spewed out.

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