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Default Re: Breaking down the Cavaliers player-by-player (Plain dealer article

Originally Posted by Meticode
Waste of time if you're just a "good playoff time." Okay guys, this year let's set our goal on round 1, then next year round 2, then next year round 3, then the finals. Just get it over with and rebuild, or go for the Finals and make some logical moves. Obviously with their current roster (including Brand) and any addition they're not going to make a run for it. Their's teams and players you don't think will make any move in the off-season all the time and it still happens.

That's because you're clueless as usual. First off, do you honestly think there is any owner, gm, or coach in the league that thinks, "Oh, we're good enough to get to the playoffs, but then we're going to get our a$$es handed to us, so we should just break up this team now."

That isn't how it works. You hold out with the guys you have, and hope to add another piece the next year. Financially it's better to stick with the playoff team than just start trading pieces away. More games = more money. Playoffs = more fan support. Rebuilding = empty stands.

Lastly, LAC doesn't even know what they have. They added pieces last year, and they didn't have a healthy Brand or Livingston. You don't trade away a superstar like Brand just for the hell of it when you haven't even had a chance to get everyone together and see what they can do. The only reason that makes sense for the Clippers to not keep Brand is if A. they get something phenomenal for him. B. His rebab isn't coming along well and he's going to lose a step, or C. he doesn't want to be there and is going to opt out and not resign.

When I said they probably didn't have the talent to win it all, that was MY opinion, that doesn't mean the Clips organization isn't hoping that someone will improve over the off season (Thorton?) or that Brand and/or Livingston won't come back hungry and have a phenomenal year.

Congratulations to Devin Brown on achieving starter status when Sasha was injured at the time and Wally just got traded to the Cavs and didn't know anything of the Cavs offense. Of course Devin was a stater sir, it was either start someone who knew the offense or didn't know the offense. DUR!

Devin Brown has never been asked to score for the Cavs, there are numerous quotes from Mike Brown on this in the Plain Dealer. Pick it up once in a while. Oh, wait. I forgot. You live in Wisconsin, but your an expert on what's going on with the Cavs.

I can't believe you even had the balls to imply that Sasha should have been starting. He's shot 30% from the field all year long, his defense sucked, and those are the only two things he was good for last year. Guy can't finish, isn't a great passer (in fact, he's a horrible passer, often leaving his feet to throw a pass, and turns it over).

Also he's shouldn't be in his prime.

Yeah, he should. At 31 years of age, you should be in your prime. It's a biological fact. There might be some extra wear and tear on these guys coming out straight from high school, but that remains to be seen. KG has weathered his body pretty well, but McGrady two years ago was talking retirement because of all his back issues.

I had the privilege of watching Wally play in 2-3 basketball games in person since his college, Miami (Ohio) is right near my hometown of Cincy,

Which has clearly clouded your judgement. If anyone else had the balls to jump in the middle of this argument, they'd be pointing out that Wally has always been a shooter, and that his shot hasn't been falling for the Cavs, which makes him pretty much worthless. The guy was a tortoise on defense, he could barely keep up with Stevenson, and then Ray Allen was making him look worse.

and the kid always had ankle problems then and now still does. Then after he got in the NBA he's had injures to his legs since then. That really shortens a player's career. But you don't know this, you just see "Oh he's 31 year's old, he's still good or should be in his prime." He's lost so much mobility he had coming out of college after his leg/ankle injures.

Oh good, so now we have a shooter who can't shoot, who is too slow to play defense, and you're arguing that he should start, but then say his career will be shortened because he's been racked by injuries.

These are the sort of f*cked up, idiot arguments that just piss me off. When people start arguing against me using negative things about the guy they're trying to support, I just KNOW I'm wasting my time.

Other ways? We don't need his other ways, we need people who can score.

We don't HAVE people who can score, fool. It was evident before we even got into the playoffs that we weren't as good as last year unless the guys who came in from the trade started getting hungry in the playoffs. It was also evident that Wally wasn't getting it done. You don't just stick with the same personnel in hopes that something's just going to click and turn around. Playoffs are about winning.

Doc Rivers understood that when he put Eddie House in the lineup, and he started terrorizing the Cavs. Mike Brown's a fool who sticks with the same lineup out of loyalty or some other deluded nonsense. We saw it for years when he continued to play Hughes even though he was horrible. We saw it this year with Wally.

Wally played like ****. At some point you have to pull him and try something else.

Devin Brown isn't that person at all. We we're already a good defensive team minus him, we don't need even more defense we need something called offense from other players beside LeBron...maybe Brown thought putting Wally in the lineup would help his jump-shooting. One thing is obvious, if Brown was out there getting Wally's minutes I doubt we would've even finished the Wizards out in 6 games.

Mike Brown's an idiot. We all know this. Then again, maybe you're not bright enough to realize it. Your logic in this thread has been all F*cked up anyways.

You clearly haven't seen Devin Brown play when he was inserted into the starting lineup with the Hornets. In his last month with the team he averaged 15/5/2 in only 30 minutes a game.

We finished the season worse with him in the damn lineup. We were losing against teams we should've certainly beat like the Bucks and Bulls.

Why don't you go look and see who averages more minutes in wins. Its real simple. Go to Look up Wally, then look up Devin. Go under a little section called "splits". Wally averages less minutes in games we won then in games we lost. Devin averages more minutes in games we won, than in games we lost.

Let me simplify that for you. When Devin Brown plays more minutes, we win. When Wally plays more minutes, we lose. The ratio between the two is slight, but since neither of them averages more than 23 minutes per game, that isn't really the telling stat. The bottom line is, the more time wally spends on the floor, the less chances of us winning.

Perhaps take you own advice. I'm not the one spewing idiot and kiddie and all this other crap you talk. You have seriously no clue what you're talking about and all you care about is what you think and not what actually is going on. Good job on a job not-so-well done sir. Ask for the other stuff I didn't reply to, I didn't feel like replying to crap that just spewed out.

Right. Because your logic has made a whole lot of sense in this thread. Like I said. Quit acting like an idiot and I won't treat you like one.


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