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Default Re: One year ago today (LeBron James related)

Originally Posted by mlh1981
He had his amazing game 5 performance vs. Detroit, scoring 48 points in that crucial game and putting his team on his back. One of THE most amazing performances I have ever seen. Simply couldn't miss from the field, especially in the home stretch where he scored the final 18 points in regulation. It was so nervewracking watching that game. The winner would get a 3-2 lead, and playing in the Palace vs. that team made me so nervous, but they simply didn't have anyone that could guard LBJ, nor match his production.

Thought on the historical performance by King James that night?

I remember watching that game. I kept thinking there's no way he is going to hit the next shot. But he kept hitting them. He couldn't miss. I'd never seen anything like it, even from MJ. I'm not saying he's better than MJ, but I've never seen anyone go on a streak like that. It might be the best performance in the history of the game.

I remember thinking, damn, I have to get up for work in the morning, and he keeps sending it into OT. I remember telling my friend about it, and she said she watched the game but didn't see the ending. I tried to explain to her just how much she missed, and I couldn't put it into words.

Everyone just kept asking each other at work, "Did you see it?"

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