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Default Re: Breaking down the Cavaliers player-by-player (Plain dealer article

Originally Posted by Meticode
I laughed at all of that because you fail to read anything correctly.

LAC needs to stop giving their fans false hopes. They're not going to win anything with Brand, ship him now, get draft picks or something. It's so easy to see and they've had mild success with the guy and the way they're tried to build around him. It hasn't worked out except for 1 year since he's been there when they were a contender, and they failed miserably in the playoffs. Get if over with, rebuild now.

Oh, ok. I get it. Because YOU think they should get rid of him, then that's what they're going to do, right?


I know coach Brown never asked Devin to be a scorer. But you fail to see that's what the hell we need. We don't need more poeple playing defense, we need people to help LeBron. Maybe if you understood this and Brown understood and actual plays would be ran instead of LeBron standing up in the middle dribbling for 10+ seconds without 1 pass you would see this. Brown knows we needed points somewhere, and it wasn't going to come from Devin as you said. So he put Wally in the starting lineup. Case closed, get the hell out of my face about it.

No, fool. I know that we need more offense. We need a scorer that will create his own offense, instead of standing around watching Lebron. What your stupid, inane response fails to comprehend is that we don't have such a person on our roster.

Wally is a stand around shooter. Devin Brown moves around, creates shots for other players and doesn't stand around waiting for someone to pass him the ball.

Mike Brown is clueless. You're clueless. It's no wonder you agree with him.

About Wally being in his prime. You're stupid. He's had at least 2-3 ankle injures. Do you not understand this makes a player not about to make cuts like they used to, so they're not as fast, so they can get open as fast for the J? No, you obviously don't because you keep making worthless arguments about he should be in his prime. Well guess what, it doesn't matter because he's not and he passed his prime 2 years ago. KG has had no major injuries in his career especially to the legs to hold him back like that, KG is an athletic freak when he came into the league and developed into a bigger one afterwards. Comparing Wally's athleticism and body type to McGrady and KG is just stupid. You make me cry even mentioning their names with his. Hello? Anyone there? Knock knock?

Do YOU understand that I never compared Wally to KG or McGrady? Clearly not. Is english your first language? You have very poor comprehension skills. All I pointed out is that the only way someone could possibly be rundown at 31, is if they came out from high school.

Irregardless, pointing out that Wally is past his prime and has ankle problems is just one more reason he shouldn't have been on the floor.

You're too stupid to figure out you're giving me ammo as to why he shouldn't play.

LOL@the more time Wally plays on the floor we lose. Then why in the hell are you saying "he could help us next year" and all this bull**** when you play him down so much? You talk about logic, but fail to look at yourself.

If you're going to keep bringing up the same old crap, then you can fucking talk to yourself idiot.

It's a fact that we lost with Wally on the floor. The statistics are there to prove it. When he played more, we lost. That was this season fool.

If you can't understand that players play differently after an offseason of rest, and focusing on their individual games, then I feel sorry for you.

Yeah, if Wally spent all summer finding his jump shot, he could help us next year.

He wasn't helping us this year, which is why his ass should have been on the pine.

I'm not going to keep fucking repeating myself, so come up with something new, or shut the fuck up.

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