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Default Re: this is TURF BOYZ territory

Originally Posted by poorlilrich
Isn't this just great?

I ****ing love this; the dumbass calls me arrogant then proceeds to send me an email calling me a n.igger

whos the ignorant one now dip****? You are the ****ing scum of the who must stoop to racist remarks to prove a point....some uneducated mother****er who doesn't have the mental capacity to think up insults so he must stoop to racial insults

you are a ****ing worthless piece of ****...kill yourself son

if yall mother****ers went to the OTC youd see its just a joke
now I know the Bullz forum for what it is... a bunch of uneducated bigotted mother****ers

y'all can all go to hell

awwww u mad? ur an emo who probably didnt even graduate from jr. high... and ur callin us uneducated dumb****s? i shake my head at ur fa.ggot as.s for thinkin ur tight cuz u made an e-gang and ur the only one it in trying to take over basketball forums... ur pathetic
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