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Default Re: this is TURF BOYZ territory

Originally Posted by CaNt Be ToUcHeD
awwww u mad? ur an emo who probably didnt even graduate from jr. high... and ur callin us uneducated dumb****s? i shake my head at ur fa.ggot as.s for thinkin ur tight cuz u made an e-gang and ur the only one it in trying to take over basketball forums... ur pathetic

nope not mad
just amazed

Haha I didnt graduate Jr High?
I'm a college freshman dip****; which is probably more than I can say for your dumbass....this again proves my earlier point

all you Bulls posters are dumb as hell; look at this post and you think a down syndrome monkey wrote it; i mean goddamn

again if you read the actual thread; you'd see I got bored of posting in every team forum...which is why i stopped after 7 or so

But I do love a good war of words every now and again which is why I'll check the threads to lay the smackdown (verbally) to uneducated hicks like you guys
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