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One problem with McGrady guys...he's always hurt. Who the hell wants a player that's hurt or plays hurt every year? When I say he plays hurt, I don't mean he toughs it out. He plays, subs out, comes back in later and totals about 20 minutes in a game. He has NEVER played a full 82 game season. He does better in Adidas commercials than he does on the court. Who the hell smiles after his potentially game winning shot gets swatted off the backboard by Kenyon Martin? McGrady, that's who. He can't do crap with Ming, he left VC in Toronto and now Orlando is better off without him. And you guys wish the Bulls had him? OMG! Let him rot in Houston!

The Bulls traded Pippen because he wanted out. He wanted to go to Houston and at that time the only way Pippen could get the money he wanted was to have the Bulls sign and trade him. Pippen also wanted to go to a contender. He THOUGHT that Houston with Barkley and Hakeem would get him that elusive ring without Jordan. Wrong! Krause, being nice for ONCE, signed Pippen to the largest contracted allowed at that time, then traded him to Houston where he got NO ring. And for ONCE, Pippen was greatful. Pippen was AWESOME, ask Jordan.

Brand was traded on a gamble! The gamble was that Curry would be a taller version of Brand, NOT that Chandler was better than Brand. The thinking was that Brand and Curry would crowd eachother on the blocks and that would be a problem. If Curry turns out to be a taller Brand then Chandler is the perfect compliment to him. One post scorer, the other a rebounder. It worked for ONE year. The Bulls had the 3rd best record in the East and made the playoffs, FINALLY! Problem is, Curry wanted to leave. Bye, Curry. Now Chandler is alone and struggling. We need to find him a mate...Aldridge? Now, Brand is still killing. Oh well.
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