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Default Re: Michael Beasley says that he is a combo forward..

Originally Posted by Ring#7
In the famous words of flava flave; Wooow, Some of you guys got beasley way over rated. Dont get me wrong, he's good, and I happen to like his game. But to say compare Tyrus to Beasley like gordon to Mj? I hope your just playing around. Tyrus aint that far from Beasley, he just has a different style and paxson knew he was raw before he drafted him. And how can you say he's already a bust when he averages the same as Aldridge whenever he gets a chance to play. It aint his fault Skiles was playing Joe smith and Wallace because of there contracts. He just got the $hit end of the stick. and besides Rose and beasley there aint a player in the draft with more potential than Thomas. And heres an ambitious trade. Hinrich, noah and simmons for Aldridge, Pryzbilla, and jaret jack. It works out for both teams.

How can anyone over-rated Beasley at this point really, he is comming off possibly the GREATEST college year of any player...EVER. Averaging 26 pts and 12 rebounds a game is amazing for anyone in college, he did it in the Big 12. Possibly the best conference this year. I mean I guess if someone said he was already better than KG or Tim Duncan...something as far fetched as that then yeah you might be able to call them out on it. Even though personally I think Beasley could hold his own against either one of those players, he'd probably get schooled a few times, but he knows how to ball. Scouts are already saying his shooting touch and stroke are up at the top of anyone in the draft, not to mention his post game is probably the best out of anyone in the draft.

As for me saying comparing Tyrus to Beasley is like Gordon to MJ, it was a little bit of a joke, but not as much as you may seem. Tyrus as of now I see him as one dimensional (sp?), same goes for Gordon. It may not be as bad as that, but sorry Tyrus is no where near the level of Mike - if Tyrus were to be in this years draft, honestly do you think he'd make the lotto? It'd be close, but top way. Arthur is a better player than Tyrus and even he is bottom of the lotto.

As for the trade, I don't think the Blazers will trade LA, but with Oden comming back next year who knows. Hinrich, Roy and Oden would be a very fundamental basketball team though - could be a young Spurs-ish type of team.
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