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Default Re: True or False: Whites are better in bands/Blacks as solo artist?

Originally Posted by johndeeregreen
I'm getting confused here. Why is Neil Young a solo artist but not Hendrix? They both played with full bands.
Some of Neil Young's most successful work, like the album 'Harvest' for example, is a solo project.

Jimi never did an album that wasn't either with Experience or Band of Gypsies.

I think the difference is pretty distinct.

Neil is known as a guy that simply cannot stay in a band. Crazy Horse has been the exception, but that is more of a side project than a main-stay. He is always bouncing around, doing his own thing.

Jimi COULD be considered a solo artist, since he wrote all of the songs and, in the recording studio, played most of the instruments. But, again, his short-lived career was spent with a band around him. It is tough to separate him as 'solo', but I wouldn't fight with you about it.

Clearly, Hendrix WAS the Experience and, to a lesser extent, Band of Gypsies (those guys were great musicians... better than the Experience guys).
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