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Default Re: True or False: Whites are better in bands/Blacks as solo artist?

Originally Posted by L.Kizzle
I think majority rules. Sly had a white drummer in the band but I (like most) sonsider Cly & the Family Stone a black band (maybe because of Sly LOL)

But then you have a band like Tower of Power or War, those would be hard to categorize.
Yes... there are other examples of the mixed band, but I think that Slash is an even more intriguing example. While Sly did have a white drummer, he was not a feature of the band, really.

A lot of people (including myself) would argue that GNR's biggest asset was Slash. He wrote all of the music for the band.

Some may even say that, while Axel was the frontman, Slash was equal in stage presence.

I mean... Experience was all white except for Jimi, but I consider it a black band because Jimi WAS the Experience. He wrote all of the songs and even played most of the instruments in the studio.

Slash is a different case all together....or maybe THE SAME kind of situation with GNR? Tough call...
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