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Default Re: this is TURF BOYZ territory

Originally Posted by KaptnKirk12
I didn't know college freshmen still put blank lines in between their sentences, your professors must love that. It's like kindergarten all over again.

And it's 'bigoted', not 'biggoted'. Now please lay that verbal smackdown on me so I can correct your college freshmen ass again.

Haha check out the big brain on Brad

This is a casual setting dude; no need to bust out the SAT dictionary

But if you want me to converse in proper English, I'll do so. So nice little community you guys have here. It's like a KKK gathering masqueraded as a Chicago Bulls forum. I loathe places like this, which nurture and protect bigots like your friend up there. You guys are despicable and I wouldn't mind fact I would appreciate it if racist scums like dengerrrs (or whatever his name is) were wiped off the face of the earth.

Is that formal enough for you?

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