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Default Re: this is TURF BOYZ territory

Originally Posted by CaNt Be ToUcHeD
really tho, go out, meet somebody, make a friend, and get on with ur life cuz ur not funny or cool cuz ur doing this ur just making a fool out of urself... and ur not smart cuz ur a freshman in college its probably a community college anyway

<sarcasm> Dude I feel so hurt <sarcasm>

I'll put it in words even you and your stupid goons will understand

Who is the bigger idiot?

The guy who admitted it was a joke or the other morons who keep harping at him either because they can't read or because they are just a bunch of sheepish mother****ers

Get a life?
You have retards on here sending racist messages via PMs; who's the one who needs a life?

My life is pretty good right now...I probably wouldn't say the same about most of you guys. I mean how far can a bigoted honkey go in life? I've never heard of a bigoted millionaire

theres always a first right?
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