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Default Re: this is NOT TURF BOYZ territory (WTF IS THIS!)

Originally Posted by rodneykm
1. Learn how to use capital letters. It isn't hard and, at least in my area, was taught in 2nd grade.

2. One of the posters sends you a message calling you names, so you come on here and lump everyone together and start cracking on us all using pathetic grammar and really lame cutdowns. How cute. It sounds like something at preteen would do.

3. You are still a f'n idiot.

On any other well run message board kids like this guy would have been banned long ago. If there are any moderators around it'd be a great thing to look into. The original post was, as the remainder of the posts, nothing about the Chicago Bulls and only served as 'trolling' and flame baiting.

1. As I said earlier, this is a casual's like talking on AIM; grammar rules for the most part are defenestrated [another SAT word for you biased brilliant bigots (and thats alliteration)]

2. good point but the hostility is evident here... I call em like i see em

3. haha at least Im smarter than half the dudes on this if im the f'n idiot, I wonder what you bigoted dudes are called

nope it was a joke; but you racist honkeys can't take a joke...I betcha if I posted a picture of a black kid, the post would start pouring


you guys are despicable

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