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Default Re: Should we trade Hinrich and Gordon?

One things for certain, with Rose we dont need Hinrich. We can still use some of Gordons shooting, he is the current leading scorer. As for Tyrus, the hope is that he understands the severity of the situation he's in. Theres a mixed crowd of bulls fans. while some of us want to see what he can do, others want him out while he still has value. Both are reasonable arguments. He's not a rookie anymore, so that can no longer be used as an excuse. If he screws up next season he'll be labeled as a bust and jeopordize his career. The bar has been raised yet again and he has to find a way to get involved or else he'll only slow us down. What good is all that talent if your not going to use it? I still got high hopes for Thomas especially with an elite point gaurd and a good teaching coach coming onboard. But I also understand that Tyrus is a bit of a risk. I'm not sure if thats a risk the bulls want to take.

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