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Default Re: Should we trade Hinrich and Gordon?

I say they should trade Hinrich. Gordon's defense drives me crazy, but let's face it......his shooting can carry the Bulls at times. If they can trade for a decent big and add the speed and creativity of Rose, it could make things really nice for Gordon. I would package Hinrich along with either Gooden or Nocioni for a big man. The Bulls could throw in next years number one to sweeten the deal. If the Bulls can trade Larry Hughes, PARTY AT MY HOUSE!!! I don't think he's a good fit for the Bulls. He's acting as though he's going to be the GO TO Bull when he's never been the star player on any team in his career. If possible..I think Pax should target Kirilenko and J. O'Neal. Marion too, if he becomes available. Those three guys have large contracts so the Bulls could package two or three players and clear up a log jam at G and F. Trade Hinrich and resign Duhon!!!

Possibilities....( Notice how I didn't include Hughes in any of these line-ups. I just don't like his fit...UNLESS we trade Gordon.)

PF Kirilenko PF O'Neal PF Marion
SF Deng SF Deng SF Deng
C Noah C Noah C Noah
SG Gordon/Sefolosha SG Gordon/Sefolosha SG Gordon/Sefolosha
PG Rose PG Rose PG Rose

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