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Default Re: Hinrich, Hughes and maybe BG:OVER 10 mil!! Who goes?

Gordon should get a similar contract to Nocioni, even though Nocioni does more for the team than Gordon does. Anything more than that IMO is a joke and we should just let him walk.

Hughes would be the best to get rid of, but also the hardest to deal more than likely since he has been on a downfall since Washington.

I think Hinrich is the best all-around player on Chicago so getting rid of him I think would be a mistake - he could start at the 2 and run point when Rose is on the bench. (If Rose is the pick).

Also if Beasley is drafted then none of the guards need to go anywhere, except for maybe just not resigning Duhon. Then sign Eric Snow to a asst. coach job and have him step in an backup Kirk if Thabo or Ben can't take over the reigns when he sits.
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