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Default Re: Should we trade Hinrich and Gordon?

Originally Posted by KaptnKirk12
Iffy since AK is more of a SF. IMO this lineup looks better than the first or third one.


Second one would be a real good team if Chicago could pull it off, obviously Hinrich would be gone but Tyrus would have to stay if Rose is on board. But I know most people here think getting O'Neal could potentially hurt the team due to injury issues and him exiting his prime - something you don't really want with a team full of young players who still need a year or two to develop their game.

Marion could work in a deal to get rid of Hinrich, but then you just bring on board another huge contract - and yet again he is more of a 3 than Beasley is. If there was a deal to workout how you could sign and trade Deng away to get a big man then there could be something there, even though you would have just created a huge monster called the Miami Heat.


That team with Pat Riley...

Not to mention to deal Hinrich in a trade to get Marion, there is going to have to be like 3 million added ontop of Hinrich's contract to match Marion's. Resign Duhon and throw him in? Nocioni and Hinrich for Marion and Haslem?

Personally I think we should wait until the workouts are over before we start saying Chicago is drafting Rose. Beasley fits Chicago's need right now with the current roster more than Rose does, and Beasley is the better player - he proved it week in and week out during college that he was the most skilled player in the country.

I totally agree with you man.
Beasley fits the Bulls needs more than Rose, though I think both will end being great players.
And I could see a Hinrich for Matrix deal, if Chicago does draft Rose.
The good news is the Bulls have options, as they have talent.
The hard part is going to be making it all fit together.

I've said this before, but it bears repeating.

You put Tyson Chandler and LeMarcus Aldridge on the Bulls instead of Ben Wallace and Tyrus Thomas and you have a beast in the East.
Of course you wouldn't have the #1 pick.
Just pray Pax does a better job this time around.
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