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Good post.

I'm 20 years old and have lived in Seattle my entire life. When I was a kid and was of age to be able to comprehend what was happening in a basketball game, I fell in love with it immediately. Shawn Kemp was my favorite player, as he was to many others, i'm sure. Some of the most fun I had as a kid were going to the sonic games and then being able to re-enact the game afterwards. I played basketball nearly everyday at recess and in my backyard after school with the dream of one day joining the NBA.

Although I lost interest in the NBA for a good eight years or so, (since Kemp left; I just started watching again this year because of the west coast ) I am deeply crushed by the fact the Sonics are getting hijacked right from under us. I am disapointed that Howard Schultz sold the sonics to such an evil creature (Clay Bennett). I am angry how Clay Bennett is/will be doing whatever it takes to move the Sonics to Oklahoma and I am infuriated at David Stern for saying, (something along the lines...) "If Seattle allows the Sonics to move, it highly sabotages their chances of ever having an NBA franchise in their city again." with a big smile. What a jack-ass.

What is even more disappointing is when the Sonics leave Seattle, it might distance children from the sport of basketball. I could not imagine my childhood, or life for that matter, without basketball. It's profoundly disappointing to think children will not be able to discover the rush of attending a live basketball game, or becoming attached to their home team. Although I'm sure most NBA fans in Seattle (those who will continue to follow the NBA after the Sonics departure) are preparing themselves for the tragic event and have chosen a new team they can follow and root for, it just won't be the same as having your own home team.

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