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Default Re: Hinrich, Hughes and maybe BG:OVER 10 mil!! Who goes?

Originally Posted by KaptnKirk12
I agree with that, because Kirk is a better player than almost anyone here sees. Many players around the NBA would want to play with Kirk or admire his game, I remember Steve Nash even saying he sees a lot of himself in Kirk the way he keeps his dribble alive doesn't give it up unless someone gets open. People also used to compare him to John Stockton and Gary Payton.

Also throw a big man there with Kirk and his production would go through the roof. With a 20/10 big man, I think Kirk could average something like...

16-20 pts, 7-10 ast, 4 reb, 2 stl, 2 to

Very solid numbers.

Thats spot on... I think people forget how much potential he still has...

My wish would be to see him with the clippers...

A line up of: Kirk - Mobley - Kaman - Brand - Thornton would be fantastic...

But sadly the bulls dont need Corey and the #7 pick is not enticing enough..

But hopefully Kirk finds himself in a proper situation soon...
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