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Default Re: Hinrich, Hughes and maybe BG:OVER 10 mil!! Who goes?

Originally Posted by 5 2 3 5
at Gordon if he seriously expects Paxson to offer 10M/year. Wasnít he supposed to prove to the whole world exactly why he was worth over 10M/year last season? Thatís why he rejected the 5-year/50M offer before the season started. So what does he do? Puts up absolutely awful numbers as a starter, is forced to come off the bench, and shoots a low FG%. The guy isnít worth anywhere near 10M/year. Let him go if thatís what he wants.

Am I mistaken, but didn't Paxson offer 5 year, ~$57 million extensions to both Deng AND Gordon before the season to which both turned down. At this point, there's no way either are worth that kind of money and if Gordon wants more than $10 million per, he needs to get traded or let go. He's not worth that kind of money, I agree. I would love to see Hughes gone, but who's going to bite on him? Hopefully he can be packaged with Hinrich and/or Tyrus Thomas, Joakim Noah, etc... Something needs to happen in addition to the draft. A rookie will not solve all the issues.
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