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Post Re: Hinrich, Hughes and maybe BG:OVER 10 mil!! Who goes?

Originally Posted by vmdv12
Good stuff guys!!! I think Hinrich does hold more value, so he's probably more likely to attract more attention. I wish Utah was dumb enough to take Kirilenko for Hughes to save one year and 14 mil!! Maybe they should hire Heisley from Memphis so that trade can get done!! I know Wallace is the GM, but from reading what Heisley said in interviews, I think he pulled the trigger on that deal. Anyways...maybe we could package Hinrich and Nocioni or Gooden + a pick for O'Neal from Indy. Someone has to go!! Can you guys imagine if they draft Rose and they're not able to trade one of these guys?

Until O'Neal proves he can stay healthy, there is no way I would trade that for him.
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