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Default Re: Lakers have to goto KOBE MODE

Originally Posted by AAP Remix
KoME was a career 41% shooter in the NBA Finals. He cares more about his FGA's than winning games. After Game 1, he's probably under 40%...really pathetic for someone who supposedly has earned 7 Finals MVP's (1 more than MJ).

There is a reason why KoME is not Finals MVP material. He'll retire with less Finals MVP's than Tony Parker and Chuancey Billups.

This is coming from the guy that said Bynum will be no better than Diop.
Keep em coming. You're comments actually help.

Now in response to this thread, this was just one game in the NBA finals. Kobe, Sasha, and other players had wide open shots and most went in n out. The lakers are running their offense fine, now they just gotta make their shots....and Pau needs to start jumping for boards a little more so KG doesn't embarrass him.

the 9/26 should improve next game. The rebounding also.

Lakers should win game 2.
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