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Default Re: Blazers after Ben Gordon?

That works if you plan on only playing Rudy 10 minutes per game, which I think he would be unhappy with.

Also, Jack's contract is $2M while Gordon's is about $6.5M. That means we have to give up about $4-5M to get Gordon in the first place. Who would that be? Outlaw makes $4M. Webster makes $3.7M. James Jones makes $3.1M IF he takes his player option, which only pisses people off if you trade a player that just uses his option without his consent (and by people I mean other players besides Jones), Frye makes $3.2M, and Sergio makes $1M.

Do we really want to trade Jack, Frye, and Sergio to create a log jam at the G spots, then make a decision to pay Gordon $10M+ per year or let him walk?

Edit: Oh, here is the other option. I didn't mention this earlier because ********** doesn't have his salary listed. Maybe Steve Blake's contract would work. This last year he made $4.2M, but I'm not sure what the rest of his contract looks like. Though, the problem with this is that we would be giving up our only pure point guard (unless you think Sergio is ready). This would make sense minutes wise for Roy/Fernandez/Gordon, but if Roy or Gordon struggle to consistently play the point, then we are screwed (again, unless you think Sergio is ready).

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