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Default Re: 2nd round pick idea

Originally Posted by vmdv12
I would say, assuming they trade a guard or two, I would go after Bill Walker IF available. Even Sonny Weems from Arkansas would be a nice fit with Rose running the point. Even that dude from Turkey looks pretty good for a big man..Semih Erden. Drafting a good young European player might not be a bad idea. Serge Ibaka and Nicolas Batum would be freakin sweet in the second round!!! Guys check out Batum on youtube!! Sorry ..I was dreaming for a moment...Batum won't last til the second. Euro in second round!

I like the Walker idea, hell if they have Walker try out for them and then are able to get him, you could say bye bye to Deng as well as Gordon. Walker has potential to be an All-Star - if he continues to stay healthy and not do anything else to that knee. He didn't come all the way back from his injury like Brandon Rush did, but Rush healed really fast, he could possibly just need a little more time. As for a Euro player, forget that, there are so many American players that are good enough to fill roles on the team and college to pros is a lot easier than euro to NBA.

And sorry WadeoverLeBron (not trying to bash you or anything) but if you have been watching KU ball for a looooooong time, then you'd know Kaun has no "j". I know Noah doesn't either, but Kaun really has no touch around the basket. He is a great energy guy and keeps at it, but most of his points in college came off the fact he was just bigger than everyone else. It's not like he is a retarded offensive player, I mean he has okay footwork and a nice hook shot, but he bascially throws it at the basket and gets his own rebound to dunk it in. I don't think I have ever seen him take a jumpshot, and judging by his free throws that is a good thing.

You call this a "j"?

His offensive game is very raw to say the least, but considering he is very strong, big and VERY smart on and off the court he would be able to learn a lot from a guy like Drew Gooden with post moves. He would be a perfect 2nd round pick because I will say it now, he will have NO negative effect on any team character wise, this guy is a class act.
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