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Default Re: Blazers after Ben Gordon?

I don't think that Portland would be bringing Gordon with the intent of signing him to a big contract but to use him as an expirerer.

You said we'd have to trade two guards to get one...doesn't that create less of a jam?

Ben Gordon (PG & SG)
Rudy Fernandez (SG & SF)
Steve Blake (PG)
Brandon Roy (SG & PG)

Without the trade you keep Jack and Rodriguez.

I also don't see how Rudy would only get 10 minutes. Gordon starts at point with Blake backing him and Rudy backing Roy.

Obviously I see why you are scared of this trade because he is a shoot first guard (although he's a good shooter, unlike the majority of the others in the leauge) and he is a defensive liability but when that excuss comes up with Calderon everyone says well there's Roy, Aldridge and Oden to help him.

Seems like people are just making excuses because of his name. Wouldn't you like to be even more money UNDER the cap to insure that you really do resign the big three and can bring in that big time player and if you can't bring in the big time player, then sign above average role players.
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