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Default Re: Hinrich, Hughes and maybe BG:OVER 10 mil!! Who goes?

I'd take Vince, the guy can still ball. And having him over Hughes, hell yeah. But I think it'd take more than just Hughes, but of course the main thing is that they get the salary out of their hands. And Hughes really only has 2 years left. That 3rd year didn't count this last year.

Something like...
Hughes, Simmons, Tyrus, 2nd round pick.
Vince Carter, Sean Williams.

Bulls get a bigger 2 guard in Vince, and really a good to scorer. They get Sean Williams who could battle Noah for that starting center spot. He has a lot of the abilities Tyrus has, just bigger and not as agressive.

Nets get that salary space earlier to chase LBJ. They also get Tyrus who at the point is better than Williams. Simmons probably wouldn't do anything for them. 2nd round pick could provide potential. Sasha Kaun is better than Sean Williams - upgrade the bench.

Obviously the Nets get worse from the trade but it puts them in a better rebuilding state.
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