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Default Re: Blazers after Ben Gordon?

Honestly with Roy's recent injury history, I doubt he'll be playing 38 minutes a game if Nate and KP honestly think Portland are going to be serious playoff contenders and another reason he had to play so many minutes was because Portland had no good backup shooting guard and Jarrett Jack backing up Blake which Portland would later find out that Jack is better in the Steve Francis type of role. I can see Rudy playing the small forward late in games if Nate wanted. Also I failed to mention that the Portland starting line up lacks a real three point or outside shooting touch that can complinent Roy and Outlaws slashing/penetrating type of game and Aldridge and Odens low post game. Honestly, I think Gordon would thrive here. He scored 18 a game on a team with no low post presense, what will he do with 3-5 open threes and more open midrange jumpers a game?
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