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Default Re: Should I get a XBOX 360?

i bought a used 360 a little over a year ago and i've had no problems with it. i play it pretty often but space it out because the wii gets a lot of run, but i've definitely clocked the occassional all day binge on it with everything running smoothly.

if anything i get disc read errors from time to time, but i just take the disc out and reinsert it and it works fine after that.

i traded in a few games and got my used 360, used hdd, and used gears of war for 300 bucks after tax (it was the wireless controller and hd cables package too!)

my brother on the other hand got the 3 red lights and was told by microsoft that his specific red light error was not covered under warranty. so be aware that there are holes in the new 3 year warranty.

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