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Default Re: Should I get a XBOX 360?

And why are old games still $30-50? They don't have a PS2 Greatest hits kind of line? All those games are brand new, but only $19.99. I'm still seeing three year old games that cost the same when they were brand new, and that's ****ing crazy, and it's a pain in the ass to mod the XBOX to play burned games, and I hate to buy used games.

the reason it's like this is because people will still buy it, halo is a great example

halo hadn't gone down in price because it WAS the reason to buy an xbox, it was just that good. so why should a company lower prices when the sale numbers are still relatively high

this is a big reason why i play a lot of lower priced games such as indie products. sometimes the big guys skip corners, the little guys won't though, they have something to prove :)
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