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Default Re: Should I get a XBOX 360?

Originally Posted by niko
i bought an XBOX 360 sometime last year (late, maybe november) just to play NBA 2K8. I don't play much, and i ALWAYS have problems with the games. Every few games, it crashes, or says the disk is dirty, etc. I NEVER have had these problems with nintendo consoles. It's similar to the problems i'd have with PS2, eventually it would start to have issues, but here, it's way too soon.

The new set of 2k games should be fairly similar across consoles, so if that's your beef, or unless you want an XBOX exclusive, id go PS3, simply becaues the problems with a $400 machine are a real downer.

Are you leaving your disc IN the system after your done playing?

That would probably be the reason why it gives you DDEs. As for it crashing, it might be your disc. Make sure your not moving your console while it's in use.
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