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Default Did you guys read what Brand said???

Elton Brand said: "There's no change. But check with me when I get back to L.A." This was in regards to him opting out of his contract and becoming an UNRESTRICTED free agent THIS summer. He is due 16,440,00 mil next year, which is something no one gives up unless he wants out. My thinking is this....1. He talks to Clippers management, if they really have any, and demand a trade so that he retains his huge contract. Trade to the Bulls for mutltiple players from a group of Hinrich, Gordon, Gooden, Thomas, Hughes and draft picks. Not all these guys, but 2 or 3 of them. I think Gooden, Hinrich and future number ones would get the job done. 2. The Clippers tell him they won't trade him and he opts out to become a free agent this summer. The Clippers won't let that happen, so my thoughts are they would have to trade him. I can't see Brand staying in Clipperland beyond his contract. I would take Brand anyday over J. O'Neal. Then we draft Rose and let the fun begin! What are your thoughts guys? If I sound crazy, please forgive, I just wokeup!
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