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Default Re: Should I get a XBOX 360?

Originally Posted by pete's montreux
And why are old games still $30-50? They don't have a PS2 Greatest hits kind of line? All those games are brand new, but only $19.99. I'm still seeing three year old games that cost the same when they were brand new, and that's ****ing crazy, and it's a pain in the ass to mod the XBOX to play burned games, and I hate to buy used games.

Microsoft has a Platinum Hits line of games for $29.99 (you won't see greatest hits for $19.99 any longer — games under this price are clearance/budget releases) PS3 greatest hits are priced the same at $29.99

Originally Posted by pete's montreux
BUT, I want a new system. I'm sick of buying new games for the PS2, like NBA 2K8, and it being nothing compared to the PS3 version. It's like buying half a game, knowing the other system's version is so much better.

Also, there are some games that are PS3 exclusive. Is GOWIII coming out for the XBOX 360? I don't think it is, which sucks.

If you want to stick to sports games and play God of War, then your best bet would to be to get a PlayStation 3. Also if you enjoy movie watching, you can enjoy Blu-ray high definition…

OF NOTE, if you wish to play games from the PlayStation 2 library, you will need to seek out an older model, such as a 20GB or 60GB which offer 100% flawless backwards compatibility, or an 80GB console which will offer software emulation backwards compatibility. 40GB consoles (currently only model being manufactured new as of now) does not allow the play of PlayStation 2 games.
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