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Vince will be a superstar. The others maybe too.

But the reason they look so good in pre-season is simple. Cutler is playing with the team that should've won the superbowl last postseason, especially if Jake didn't suck. And a HOF coach IMO.

Leinart is playing with the best WR crew in the league and the Edge.

Vince has a team that has 0 expectations. They don't have a star WR or RB a bad line, and pretty much a terrible team. Still he hasn't exactly played bad, I think only has 1 interception in the preseason.

Vince's talents are gonna make him special.

Though, the other 2 are great prospects aswell.

Its sorta like a Roethlesberger and Eli thing. Eli's definately the better QB or will be, Ben simply went to a much better team. A team that runs rather than passes. And a dominate defense.

The Giants in Eli's first year were terrible, they got better next year and he led them to the playoffs.

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